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Powers of Attorney & Court of Protection

Our Lasting Power of Attorney and Court of Protection Team work closely with families and carers to ensure that the right decisions and suitable provisions for future long term needs are made. We provide a personal service and are happy to meet clients at the office, their home, care homes or anywhere else that is convenient. We aim to ensure that the pressures and stresses placed upon our clients and their families are removed as much as possible.

Powers of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to choose someone you trust to manage and protect your wellbeing in the future. It is a good idea to create a Lasting Power of Attorney whilst you are still fit and well as it will continue should you lose the ability to make decisions in the future. An Attorney is a person of your choice who can act on your behalf if you are unable to do so. A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document that can deal with financial and property matters and also health and welfare matters. We can advise on the most appropriate Power to assist you with your particular situation.

Applications to the Court of Protection

    An application to the Court of Protection may be necessary when a loved one loses the ability to deal with their affairs and no Power of Attorney exists. We are able to guide you through the Court process so that you or a family member can be appointed as a Deputy to deal with your loved ones affairs. We can also act as Deputy if preferred.